Tuesday, August 4, 2009

more experimentation.

Study for a woman's head,
work in progress
in mixed media - watercolor, gouache, pencil and colored pencil.

something seemed wrong in my last experiments (Waving my Heart and The Fallen One) , and I was struggling to find out what it was. then today, working on this study, I realized that it was turning out different and more vivid than the other ones. since I am now working building the figures on a finished abstract background, all I had to do was to lighten up the figures so they would pop out more easily. I applied a layer of white watercolor on the unfinished drawing, so the strokes and colors of the background would show without "suffocate" the drawing. also the highlights were done using a white watercolor pencil. the effect is ghostly and soft. yummy.


Steph Granshaw said...

yeah i like the ghost like effect Patricia, very unique and lovely :)

Jasmine said...

Very beautiful. She could be a Greek Goddess! I definitely feel she has her own mythology...


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