Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm alive.

so, I have my new lenses and they seem to work fine, but my eyes still get too tired when I focus on computer work for too long. so I decided to avoid it, mainly at night. anyway, I have a few books to finish reading and need to put some workshops together too!

to tell the truth these last days have found me a little lethargic and lost. it's being a little hard to work for the show. I'm living a bit of a crisis concerning to my style and simply aborted 2 pieces I spent quite a time working on. I am now trying to finish 3 new ones and I hope to be able to do it this weekend, so I can breath, clean my house and start other stuff. even the Tree of Life is likely to be redone.

pics of the new works soon - if I don't decide to incinerate them.

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