Monday, December 28, 2009

the acrylics odyssey

now that Christmas is over and 4 extra pounds magically showed on the scales this morning, it's time to think about all the work that i planned to finish until the year is over. i am happy that i took a picture of "The Mirror" after almost having the penciling done...

... and having messed it up really bad with the acrylics - which i don't dare to show it here.

I am always doing stuff like that - trying something without a previous study or experimentation. shame on me.

acrylics are a very versatile medium. today i learned that it can reach the same transparency of watercolors, with no need of hundreds of layers to make the colors to pop out. besides, watercolors tend to get muddy when you want to build opaque areas, and acrylics can give you beautiful areas of solid color without struggle. at first, it was a little difficult for me to handle the vigor of my new paints, since i am so used to the delicacy of the watercolors; but with a little bit of patience and caution, i began to feel more at ease.

starting over from scratch:

this time, leaving the penciling for last.  i also loved how the underpainting came out vibrant. will this be the end of the watercolor era in my career?

some of my school mates used to find it funny that i use a white tile as a pallette. white tiles are the best, very easy to clean and work great with the acrylics!


Jasmine said...

This piece is looking amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing what inspiration 200 brings to you. All the best x

Ariel. said...

thank you, dear. i'm very excited with the coming of the New Year. i don't use to give too much importance to New Year stuff -- i believe that changes can take place any time in our lives -- but for some reason i am sharing the overall excitement this time. this year feels specially promising. hope it will bring new wonders for all of us!

Janine said...

This is amazing!

aaron said...

hey! I started following your blog a couple of days ago, really loving your art and excited to see how your acrylic work turns out :D

Ariel. said...

thank you, guys. the most difficult part so far is having to do the penciling all over again. it gets boring after a while. :(

Aaron, thank you for coming here and for enjoying my art. i am just starting off in this acrylics adventure, hope i don't take too long to master it, it's really enjoyable. many hugs!


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