Thursday, December 17, 2009

sick and working

have been sort of sick these last couple days. a little lethargic, dizzy and with a weird pressure inside my head. this afternoon I felt a little more energetic and could almost finish a portrait I've been working on these last weeks. better go to the doctor if this thing continue on. if I had some help around here it would be so great... sometimes feel just too exhausted.

Portrait of Lucy
Portrait of Lucy - work in progress

I'd like to have a place far from home only for working. work has been getting more intense in the last few months and it's becoming very difficult to harmonize it with house chores. when you work at home there will always be something that will take you off from your work, and that bothers me a lot. I've been thinking for a while in finding somebody who wanted to share a studio, so I'd have a place where I could almost exclusively focus on work (and on my baby, of course, at least until she is able to go to school.)

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ruthie said...

dear ariel, i haven't visited in so very long, where does time go to? so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well, it is hard to stay focused and creative when feeling tired & ill. I have been feeling exhausted lately and its a struggle to keep sane sometimes even lol. I so hope things improve for you very soon. I understand the idea of wanting a studio elsewhere, i have the same problem, working at home presents many distractions etc!

I am (as always) in awe of your beautiful work x


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