Thursday, December 10, 2009

finally released...

starting on February 1st, with 7 exciting weeks of discoveries and much creativity! come join us in this journey! spaces are limited!

STARTS: February 1st
DURATION: 7 weeks
COST: $80.00

The steps of the journey:

Week One: 
THE SUN'S PATHWAY: myself as the hero of my own story

Week Two: 
THE MOON WITHIN: revering the child and the feminine in me

Week Three: 
FROM WHERE I CAME, TO WHERE I GO: the Moon Nodes and my life purpose

Week Four: 
FOLLOWING SATURN'S STEPS: facing fear, building growth

Week Five: 
URANUS CALL: the art of reinventing myself

Week Six: 
THE WATERS OF NEPTUNE: going with the flow of my spirit

Week Seven: 
PLUTO, THE PHOENIX WITHIN: healing and transforming myself

Click here to learn more and sign up!


Janine said...

Ariel, I really want to take this class but I can't sign up until January!

sue said...

hi Ariel, i found you through jasmine at natures whispers.. your course looks really interesting, i'd love to join in but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how i view it -travels great for the soul too :o) ) i won't be back til around mid february! i hope you'll be doing another workshop in the future??..

Ariel said...

dear Sue: I plan to start a new workshop every 2 months, so the next one is intended to run by April. if you wish to start in mid February it's ok since you are going to receive the same material as the rest of the group, but you'll probably stay a little behind in the discussions. it's up to you. I'll be willing to help as often as needed. thank you so much for your interest!

sue said...

hi Ariel, i think i'd prefer to begin at the start of the course, but thanks so much for giving me the choice and for your lovely offer to help, very much appreciated :) April sounds good, will be in touch when i get back.. best wishes xx


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